Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dallas Cody 3 1/2 years old

Our first born is getting so big! It's kind of hard to believe how old he is. Seems like yesterday he was just my little baby. Now he's already a big brother times two. He plays that role so well. He loves his siblings to pieces. He's such a sweet, loving boy. So smart and independent. He's crazy and goofy and cracks us up every day. He loves to act silly and play with his daddy. He can't wait to start school and tells me all the time how excited he is to go and (in his words) "paint and play and see my teacher." He can say and recogize all of his letters as well as his numbers and counting all the way up to twenty. He knows all his shapes and colors, and I could swear he has the vocabulary of a 5 year old.
I can't wait for all the things to come with him. It's so sad that our babies have to grow up, but so exciting at the same time. Very bittersweet. I can't wait for his first day of school, his first baseball game, watching him learn how to ride a bike.

We really couldn't have asked for a better first child to add to our family. I love to brag about my big boy! :)

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