Monday, April 5, 2010

Our Week

Chase cut another tooth. For a total of two teeth. And counting :)

He is saying "DaDaDaDa" so much now. (AND I have video proof!)

It rained here on Easter :( Boooo to that.
We had to have an indoor egg hunt and I had to forget about the cute little "springy" Easter outfits I bought for the kids! Darn it!
They certainly enjoyed what the Easter Bunny brought them, though.
Kaelynn got Barbies, play dough, bubbles, sunglasses, a princess chair, books and candy. Dallas got a Buzz Lightyear toy, play dough, bubbles, sunglasses, a Toy Story chair, books and some candy.
They were very excited!

I had to take Kaelynn to the dermatologist on Thursday. She has had a bad rash in her diaper area for quite some time and her regular doctor had been stumped about what it was. The dermatologist said her rash was an infection in her skin and hair follicles? Sounds weird huh? Anyway, he prescribed her a cream and an oral antibiotic and it looks 95% better already.

I finally got a new phone! I had totally been living in 2003 with my old crappy cell phone. Lol. (Not really... it was a newer phone that I just got in December but certainly wasn't anything fancy.) Anyway, I have now moved up in the technology world and I have a BlackBerry! I have been playing with it like crazy and I love it. I love all the apps and things I can download for it. I can now use Twitter and Facebook a lot easier so that's nice. Go ahead and follow me, by the way! :)

Tonight we're going to have a yummy dinner and watch the season opener for the Giants!

Goooo Giants!!!

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